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The best selling eBook by E.L James

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Christian & Anna

Do you want to read 50 shades of grey? Whether it’s on pdf, ebook, kindle or whatever we’ve given you some great links to check it out below. Quickly though, What is a PDF? well the sourced definition from Google is “a file format for capturing and sending electronic documents in exactly the intended format.” Basically allowing you to read books “Documents” online.

So, what is 50 shades of grey? Fifty shades of grey is a a novel written by E. L. James. The British author took the world by storm with this book. It’s about a college graduate called Anastasia Steel (played by Dakota Johnson ) and a young business man called Christian Grey ( played by Jamie Dornan )

Fifty Shades Of Grey Sum up

You may have read 50 Shades Of Grey online, downloaded a 50 shades of grey pdf free download, or simply bought the book in a book store. Regardless of how you got your free fifty Shades of Grey ebook, you may be interested to learn that the kind of practises book describes between Christian and Ana is different from the relationship that most practitioners enjoy. You can find a 50 Shades Of Grey book from many online retailers such as Amazon however, before you start thinking that this is an accurate description of most relationships, please read on.

First, note the bit in your Fifty Shades of Grey eBook where Christian requires Ana to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is a terrible idea for a novice. Comparing what you’re encountering in your relationship with more experienced practitioners in a larger community is an essential way of ensuring that what you may think of as straightforward doesn’t cross the line.

The next part in the Fifty Shades Of Grey pdf shows Christian as a victim of childhood who is somewhat emotionally unstable and impulsive. It also depicts as being fundamentally at odds with the romantic love that Ana seeks. Many long-term couples would tell you that this is simply not true; It can be part of a loving relationship, just like many other preferences.

Though, requires ground rules and trust. In the book, little attention is paid to any of this, and the relationship between Christian and Ana is notably free of what most would consider outward signs of respect or concern for safety. It does not reflect the experience of a normal relationship.It may be best to enjoy your 50 Shades of Grey book as a fantasy, rather than a “how-to” book. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that — after all, many people enjoy the Harry Potter books without taking up witchcraft!


The book fifty Shades of Grey has become a best seller in three months and caused a lot of talking. As for me, there’s nothing surprising about it, because book narrates about the pretty tempting topic – love with aggravating circumstances. This type of story is unique, covering some of the rawest spots in a relationship between sexes. The 50 shades of grey ebook download has been downloaded more times than any other online novel, I won’t be surprised if the film has the same effect.

There are two main characters: Anastasia Steele – smart, but a little clumsy young girl, with the light, unspoiled view of life, which makes her a little naïve, nevertheless, she’s a strong personality; Christian Grey – young, extremely successful, handsome and rich businessman, whose self-confidence and mysteriousness can take any girl’s breath away. They meet each other due to the concourse of circumstances and it changes lives of both since then. For Ana it’s the first time she has fallen in love and she badly wants to be with him. He reciprocates, but there’s a thing: she has to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to know him better. The real Christian turns out to be a sexual dominant, whose biggest pleasure is to cause pain, and who has never known a romantic relationship. Then she is asked to sign the contract, outlining the rules for their relationship and games. The girl is torn between two sides: she wants Christian, but she is not sure that all this rules will work for her. Being curious and thinking that what he’s into is probably Grey’s kind of romance, little by little Ana is lured to the dark side coloured in fifty shades of grey. Still, Anastasia hasn’t given up, she is fighting for compromise, changing the rules and Christian himself. Surprisingly for Mr. Grey, he defers and gives her more than anybody else before – romance and revelation of his secrets. In return Anna agrees to play his most weird game, which leads to the unbearable for Anna cocktail of emotions and physical feelings, i.e. heartbreaking finale.

There are few things to say about the narration. Ana has “the inner Goddess”, who is like a little devil, pushing her to cross the line and step out the zone of comfort. This Goddess is funny but a little annoying at the same time, especially, when doing this back flip every time she is happy. There are a lot of erotic scenes with a detailed description, but the wording author uses is always the same, so on a fifth time you already know, how their relationship will end. Still, it’s interesting to watch the characters’ communication through e-mail, where they open up to each other.

In the end, I think that Christian is probably just scared and lost, because he doesn’t know what to do with romantic feelings for Anna, which he is hiding from behind these games. At the same time, it’s clear that Anastasia made him a better and more opened person, so I cannot help but wonder, if she be able to finish this and cure his childhood trauma or maybe make it even worse…

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There are many ways to read the fifty shades of grey book online but the best way to read the full book would be to buy yourself a cheap eBook from Amazon as it’s normally the cheapest place to Read it on PDF format. Many free versions only include the first couple of chapters so it’s best to buy yourself a cheap copy from a retailer.

Be sure to read about the amazing author of this book by going to the About the Author page at the top! Also see our Fifty Shades of Grey Review that we’ve just written and let us know your thoughts in the comments!