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The Sequel, Fifty Shades Darker Review

Fifty Shades Darker

It carries on…

When I decided to read the sequel to my Fifty Shades of Grey pdf book, I was motivated by curiosity. I had a few questions, which I wanted to find answers on…and I was pretty surprised. “Fifty Shades Darker” confused me with its title, because, if we suppose that it’s about Mr. Grey, than E.L. James should have better called it “Fifty Shades Lighter”. Christian knows how to amaze. From being maverick, dictatorial, rough, sometimes even cruel person, he went to opening up, little by little sharing his secrets, details of dark past, and reasons of his inclinations.

The way he talks about himself to Anastasia speaks for his deep psychological trauma, originating in his early childhood. The cure turns out to be simpler, than he and Mrs. Robinson thought. Yes, his “interests” yielded some fruit, but the real answer to all his soul troubles was true love. Though it sounds like it’s a fairy tale plot (in some way it is), I cannot but agree with the abovementioned. Talking about Mrs. Robinson, all I feel is strong antipathy for her and I was waiting for the moment, when Ana would wipe up the floor with her. Christian’s devotion to Elena is understandable, after all he was her submissive, but I agree with Anastasia, he should have left her in the past. Maybe all the bad dreams about childhood, his perverted view of the reality and all his madness would have gone as well along with Mrs. Robinson.

I liked the line of Christian’s ex-submissive, Leila pursuing Ana. It brought some intensification to the story, though it was nullified in a quite mediocre way. It’s sad. Still I was frankly irritated by Jack Hyde.  Nevertheless this means that all characters came out lively, and for me it is the highest criterion for evaluating the creativity of the author. So it’s a plus for Mrs. Leonard. Focusing attention on that, I can easily forget all the cliché situations, and excessive number of senseless erotic scenes (even though this is the erotic novel), and endless games “Anastasia – the subconscious – Inner Goddess.” I was still amused by the main characters’ correspondence through e-mail, as well as the development of their relations, the growth of Ana’s positive influence on Grey, and the person he became. Love truly heals. And it is wonderful. The author showed us the other side of Christian, and, to my mind, this was the right move. Nobody’s perfect, and neither is Christian, no matter how perfect he seemed from the outside, even with his inclination to rough sexual activity. He is a human, and here we can see his human flaws and the connection between this inclinations and the way he was treated, when being a kid. I think this topic of sexual deviations and their causes is very important and if we read between the lines of this novel, we can catch the author’s message. There are many people with similar problems and this may be even an inspiration for them to start fighting their fears and inner daemons.

Throughout the story we see how deftly author correlates romance and perversion in the relationship of Anastasia and Christian, how these two characters open up a little more and this only makes their relationship stronger. It seems, like they mingle with one another and this way they complete each other. As a whole, I like that there is a lot of romance in this book, as well as the thrilling part with Jack and Leila. A lot was disclosed in this part, but, I think, there’s more to come.

To see story through your own eyes, make your own conclusions, download Fifty Shades Darker pdf for your e-book and enjoy reading wherever you are.