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“Fifty Shades of Freed” felt different than the previous two parts.

book cover

50 shades freed book cover

As you remember, the couple decided to make their complicated relationship legal. In the third part they are in some way brand new characters – Mr. and Mrs. Grey. They are loving, passionate, but still have rats in the attic.  Proposing itself was a huge step for Christian outside his comfort zone, so seeing him as a married person was definitely entertaining, as well as seeing Ana in this capacity. It seemed that they found their balance, and took the best from each other. Characters noticeably have grown up emotionally, as well as mentally. The theme of perfect fairy-tale relationship continues: they have this non-stop interchange and are stronger together than anything that stands in their way. The detective story, added to this part makes us shift the focus from erotic scenes (which, sadly, are written in the same manner and words) to the thrilling pursuit. It even makes us worry a bit about the character of outcome of the whole story. So, that’s another new thing in this part. E.L. James also renovated her narration manner and used some tricks – one more thing that kept me interested throughout the novel. Shifting narration in time, combining reality and memories, certainly makes the reader concentrate in order to understand the logic of events, and there are plenty of them in “Fifty Shades of Freed”.

As a whole, in addition to sensual images that accompany us in this book as well, and may confuse minds of some readers, the story also became filled with melodramatic experiences, jealousy, fights and turbulent emotions.

Talking about the description of erotic scenes, though it’s no less detailed (which was sometimes too tiresome), but it seemed more sensual and tender. There was a complete trust, confidence, understanding and mutual desire to try new things, like sex was their mutual language and both seized each other’s meaning at once.  still one of the couple’s favourite games, but it’s not really shocking, as for the unprepared reader, I’d rather call it just fun.

Nevertheless some thing stayed the same. Inner Goddess was still there and still danced salsa during the breaks from controlling Ana’s mind. The language of narration was still poor and predictable. Grey was the same control freak.

The ending of the story is sweet, I would even say anticipated. The fairy-tale shall end like a fairy-tale: family, kids, and idyll; considering that this was a fairy-tale for grown ups, the author also added the ever burning passion. And it felt good, I actually felt happy for Christian and Anastasia.

Due to their chemistry and love, they were able to stay themselves, but grow at the same time, as well as get rid of their fears. This is what happens, when you find the right person. I think, everyone has his own Christian or Anastasia that they are looking for (or already found), the difference is only in flaws they have.

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