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A Review of the 50 shades of grey film

Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-FilmAdaptation of the book with a multi-million crowd of fans is always an exceptionally responsible task. Therefore, producers considerably risked when entrusting the project to not really experienced British filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson, who spent most of her creative life engaged in video art, and that’s why, before starting to work on “50 Shades”, she actually shot only one full-length movie – biographical picture “Nowhere Boy ” in 2009. Wondering, how Taylor-Johnson coped with the assigned task? I’d say, she hasn’t performed brilliantly, but definitely knowledgeable. More than knowledgeable. The major part and the major advantage of the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” movie – lots of erotic scenes that by the level of their explicitness may be compared with the sex scenes from “Basic Instinct.” Clearly, in year 2015 such explicitness is no longer deemed as shocking. But, for mainstream romantic picture, there are more than enough flesh in “50 Shades” (let’s not forget that love here is not only passionate, but also sadomasochistic).

The only thing we can really find fault with may be the fact that the director should have better fed the leading actress, as the protruding ribs of Dakota Johnson do not actually look aesthetically pleasing. It is especially noticeable in the scene, where the star is hooked to the ceiling and her body is stretched to the limit. Someone in US was also offended by the fact that audience wasn’t not shown a penis of Dornan. However, Taylor-Johnson definitely knew better which parts of her main male character’s body would be more desired to be seen for spectatresses. Also, straight men do not really like to look at other male’s penises. So, there are only homosexual men left – an audience too small to indulge it at the expense of the main audience of “50 Shades”.

Even if the director failed everything else, abundant sex  in “50 Shades” and heroes’ negligee strolling would be enough to give a positive assessment to an erotic film. But the fifty shades of grey film has other advantages. First of all, an intriguing plot. Perhaps even more intriguing than in the book, although the main events in the film are the same as in the novel. What’s the difference? I’d say, it’s in the relationship between the characters. The book, considering all the advantages of Christian as being handsome and millionaire, repeatedly underlines that this character has dark, frightening fantasies; that Ana is playing with fire when trained with Gray; and that their union is doomed from the outset. On the contrary, in the movie Christian turned softer and gentler, and his romance with Ana is not so much a game of cat and mouse, but more of intense love relationships that eventually become equal.

Yes, Grey has servants, luxury cars, a helicopter, and a penthouse. But Ana has power over him, and she quickly gets used to using it. If the “Secretary” is a romantic comedy about how sadist found masochist, then Taylor-Johnson’s film is tragicomic romance about how sadist found sadist, which is not interested (yet?) in erotically hurting others, but definitely interested in psychological games with Christian and eagering to become his girlfriend (or wife), but in no case a kept woman. Sexual and romantic awakening of ex-virgin’s character turns 50 shades of grey into a fascinating tug of war between two passionate people, each of whom tries, depending on the scene, to keep or regain control over the situation. This is a much more interesting relationship than those, which usual mainstream romantic movies are about.

Although officially 50 shades is not a comedy, it has something to laugh at, and these are not always envisaged by scenario jokes and gags. Some absolutely serious phrases of characters cause giggles because of their absurdity, and I would quote the film only with irony. Anyway, in real life people in love sometimes speak nonsense. The main thing is that the audience should have fun! And this is what fifty shades of grey definitely provided. One way or another.

You can watch the Movie by going to your local cinema. I wonder who will be the first to stream it?