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What we thought of Fifty Shades of Grey.

“Fifty Shades of Grey”, being the opening part of the trilogy, maybe leaves the uncertain impression, but definitely causes reaction. In spite of the fact that there are lots of negative thoughts regarding the book, if we look at it from the other side, there is a huge feedback itself, so it’s already may be deemed as a success, no matter what is the connotation shade of that feedback. The novel is in the spotlight – it’s a fact. The movie, based on it, has just come out – another fact (not every book is cinematized). The other story is about the things people are throwing on it, when it is in the spotlight: rotten tomatoes and eggs or flowers and delighted looks. Everybody has their own opinion, and so do I.

First, I was really fascinated by the title. It’s simple, but intriguing, and the most interesting thing is zeugma with the word “Grey”, which may be understood as the last name of the main character or as a symbol, meaning color of his soul and leading reader to the understanding of spirit of the whole story.

fifty shades of grey

Inner Goddess

Talking about the plot, for most it may seem too cliché: a young innocent girl falls in love with a powerful and experienced man with the mysterious edge, who turns her world upside down and she does the same for him. From the outside, Christian is a generalized character of a perfect male every woman is dreaming about: rich, generous, beautiful, confident, caring, gentleman; but from the inside we see a frightened child with a psychological trauma that left the irrecoverable scar, which perverted his view of relationships with women. We feel sorry for him and in every way are cheering for Anastasia, who, probably unconsciously, but anyway, tries to help him recover and see the real, beautiful side of love.  It’s the situation that almost all of us, ladies, have gone through. Let’s face it, every woman at least once in a lifetime wanted to change the man she loves and make him a better version of himself, but, as we know, very little number of us succeeds in that challenge. Reasons are obvious: you can’t change the person, which doesn’t want to change, and you should either take somebody for who he or she is or move on. But we keep trying, anyway. So, isn’t it compelling to read the story of a girl, who succeeded in that?


There were also few more remarkable things, author used. I liked that a lot of communication between the characters was conducted via e-mail in a witty manner. It’s so familiar to us, because usually we act the same, so there’s another compelling peculiarity. Nevertheless, there were things, which caused irritation. For instance, Ana’s alter-ego named “inner Goddess” was too annoying quite frequently, though I admit that, unwillingly, I waited for her reaction to the events. Another thing is a poor language, which makes it really hard to read, and sometimes descriptions of sex scenes were too weird. Also, it seemed to me that Christian’s life was too centered around Ana’s. We see a lot of Anastasia’s life besides her interactions with Grey, but there’s almost nothing about his character’s life.

Laters, Baby.

It’s said that this is fun fiction based on “Twilight”, but I didn’t really find any similarities, but for the general characters’ types, which are definitely used in many other stories as well. I think even if the author did a fun fiction, she made a good work on creating her own story and characters, not just copycatting the Stephenie Meyer’s.

As a whole, the impression is uncertain, as I mentioned before. On the one hand, this is the story many girls may be willing to live, even with aggravating circumstances like painful sexual relationships (and don’t even try to make that look right now, there are many masochists out there), some may just draw out useful tips to ring the changes in their relationships, etc. On the other hand, I cannot call this a great piece of literature, because due to the standards of it, there are lots of defects in this novel.

To see story through your own eyes, make your own conclusions, and save time & money, download Fifty Shades of Grey pdf for your e-book and enjoy reading wherever you are, I used Amazon but you’re free to use whichever retailer you like.