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Grey, The PDF Review

Having won the extreme popularity, E.L. James does not seem to stop. Last week, the new book titled “Grey” came out. Everything’s the same but the perspective. As the author declares in the introduction, this is what all the trology fans have been asking for. She gives us the unique opportunity to peep into Christian’s mind. Intriguing, right? But you should you download the grey pdf.

To tell the truth: de-facto reading turned out to be tough. Either I totally forgot the tone of 50 shades or it has changed. If the trilogy seemed kinda bad written in terms of language, Grey pdf is written in a language so fancy, I felt Christian is the one, who was found of English literature. As for me, all those sophisticated expressions sounded unnatural. E.L. James probably tried too hard this time in the eBook.

The plot is the same: “Boy meets girl. Girl – perfect woman”, so he tries to tam her, but instead gets tamed himself. It seemed like I was reading Christian’s diary, a very-very detailed diary. I felt confused, because I thought (and have been repeatedly told by male friends) that man’s mind was organized much more simple than a woman’s, for instance, there’s no place for over-thinking, which Christian’s mind was full of. It’s so striking that the book is written by a woman, because the narration is too feminine. It seemed fake, and therefore hard to perceive. Nevertheless, there were reminders that the reader was in a man’s head,but they were so predictable (like thinking about sex all the time) that it didn’t count. So, Mrs Leonard should have consulted at least with her husband before writing from the male’s point of view.

Apparently girls really do over-idealize guys they’re into, because from Anastasia’s point of view Christian seemed considerably  saner. After reading the Grey pdf download, I’m not so sure about his sanity. The guy is so obsessed with Anastasia that he balances on the edge of being a psycho and being just madly in love (which, of course, was Leonard’s point). The things we learned about Christian’s personality from the Fifty Shades of Grey pdf book are the easy bit, because it turned out that he managed to keep lots of stuff to himself. And this stuff is something to be concerned about.

On the other hand the reader is able to watch how the disease called “love” is developing in a perverted mind of his, how he struggles between the temptation to give in to the feelings and to stick to his sub/Dom rules of behavior. His inner voice is something similar to Anastasia’s inner goddess, the only difference is that it is the voice of reason, when Ana’s was more of the voice of secret desires (in other words – alter ego). Nevertheless at times this voice reveals his true, mostly sexual desires in dialogues with Anastasia, when the reader is able to see the contrast between what he says and what he’s thinking .
To add some drama, Leonard described Christian’s dreams, which were mostly nightmares about his tough childhood. At some point I even felt pity for him, but when he was back to his control freak self,my irritation was back too.

I must say, Christian has done a lot of observations about Anastasia, for instance as being a “bashful, bookish” type of girl, with a face of an “innocent pale rose” color and “powder blue” eyes (for some reason I see his perception of Ana as a Bambi he wants to seduce) and, as the story goes, he tries to find acknowledgements of Anastasia having the “submissive bone”. To his amusement, she is too controversial, and probably this helps her win Christian’s mind, make him softer and compromising. At the same time, I was irritated, because in general, he looked at Ana as a sex doll he wanted to “flog and f**k” most of the time. Of course, it’s probably due to his sexual perversion, but it didn’t make my irritation lesser.

Sometimes Mr “I’m brilliant at what I do” made laugh out loud at the over-exaggerated self-confidence  of his inner self. It seemed as if the writer tried too hard here as well.

Anyway,  I should pay tribute to the author. Very enterprising of Mrs. Leonard to profit from the one story two times. To be honest, I am not impressed with this piece. Having the opportunity to read a man’s mind in such interpritation, I think I’m done, and probably won’t be willing to do that for some time. There’s too much to consider and digest. Sometimes it’s better not to know something, because what’s been learned cannot be unlearned. Make sure to download your eBook of the new E.L James Grey PDF online.