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A PDF Review of The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist pdf

The paperback book by Paulo Coelho

If books were simply meant to keep us busy during the little snatches of time we find between working all day, we would be living in the heart of a paradox. No matter what we do these days, be it checking mail, commuting, rustling up a meal, eating, sleeping, or staring for hours at some screen or other, it is only a minute percentage of our brain that is left free to think. When was the last time that you consciously set yourself free to drift away on the wings of a whim, a fanciful question that came to you masked within something you came across? When was the last time you realized that entertaining these whims was not only possible, but also good for you? And when was the last time you even realized that such a whim could exist? In today’s world of instant gratification and the resultant superficial works of pseudo-art, human beings have started to recede into a dark, unquestioning, unhappy world.

Which begs the question, when was the last time you read, or even wished to read, a book that would challenge your beliefs? What was the last thing you read anyway? Does it happen to be a free pdf downloaded last night, among several others to swipe through on an ebook reader when your cellphone screen becomes too mundane? How did you feel after you were done reading this free pdf? Did you feel any different? Did it leave a mark on you? Did it make you question anything?

If you are currently wondering as to what is the point of these questions, the answer is: the questions themselves. No longer do we dare to ask ourselves anything, for fear of chancing upon something that would challenge our safe existences, for fear of stepping out onto a path from which there is no return.

Paulo Coelho is among the few living writers who recognized this fear among the inhabitants of today’s world. His work reflects the shallowness of modern ‘existence’, and gently guides the reader to the possibility of replacing it with ‘life’. Coelho’s widely acclaimed and hugely celebrated novel, The Alchemist, is the best illustration of this technique. A book that simply must be read, even if it means keying in “the alchemist pdf download”, this simply worded parable is presented to the reader as the story of Santiago, a shepherd boy who steps out in the pursuit of a recurring dream that he believes to be beckoning him.

Through the course of his travels through the Andalusian highlands, Santiago encounters and understands the meaning and significance of a ‘Personal Legend’, the treasure that is an end in itself, the value of which is not in its physical worth but in the process that makes it a treasure in the first place. Paulo Coelho subtly pieces together every doubt and dilemma we have ever faced, ranging from wanderlust to true love, to the alchemy that places the value of one’s ‘Personal Legend’ higher than what it leads one to.

Santiago’s story is simply a cover, however, for the main agenda of The Alchemist. Read it and you will find yourself surrounded by complex questions posed in the simplest of manners. You will also come face to face with your fears, interrogate yourself, and spend time pondering on ideas that the day-to-day world often labels delusional. Chance upon the surreal landscapes and the curious blends of characters that become the voices for the thoughts put together in the book, and it is safe to say that you will have met most of the universe.

It is no wonder, then, that The Alchemist has grown to become one of the literary phenomena of the modern world, selling itself off shelves in the physical world, and having only itself to beat in the world of ebook downloads. No matter what you prefer, the old school paperback or the free pdf downloaded for a train ride home, The Alchemist lives out its worth not through monetary value but through the currency of the questions that it will stir up in your head. This is a book that has to be read to be understood.

If you are in two minds about buying or downloading The Alchemist, rest assured that all you need to invest is the moment you choose to start reading it. Once you do, the beautifully woven story will take over, and will remain with you long after you’ve put it away. Paulo Coelho’s simple style of writing ensures that his message gets across to his readers, without burdening them with additional information, and stays with them like a happy feeling. It also ensures that the alchemist pdf can be read during 10 minute breaks taken on a busy day, just as simply as the paperback during a long sabbatical.