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Review of The Fault in Our Stars novel by John Green

Book front cover

Book front cover

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars is a heart-wrenching story about two teenagers dying of cancer. The book is considered one of the most popular contemporary young adult novels. Due to the immense popularity of the novel, director Josh Boone released a movie adaptation on June 2014. Readers can find The Fault in Our Stars free ebook download under numerous sites online.

Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old cancer patient, tells the story of how she falls in love with Augustus Waters, a 17-year-old amputee. Hazel has terribly damaged lungs due to thyroid cancer and she always needs to be connected to an oxygen source. Hazel meets the handsome Augustus Waters one day when she attends a cancer support group at her mother’s suggestion. They are instantly smitten with each other, unable to take their eyes off one another throughout the meeting. Augustus is recovering from osteosarcoma and he has lost his leg because of the disease.

Their romance revolves around a key element: Hazel’s favorite book entitled “An Imperial Affliction” by fictional author Peter Van Houten. Hazel is completely enthralled by the book. However, Van Houten intentionally left the book’s ending hanging in midair, making Hazel desperately curious about what happened to the characters. Augustus decides to help Hazel meet her favorite author by using his wish, which will be granted by the Make-a-Wish foundation, an organization created to grant one wish for every terminal cancer patient. They soon embark on a romantic journey to Amsterdam to meet the mysterious Van Houten

“The Fault in Our Stars” is an extremely moving story that is emotionally impacting. Readers are exposed to romance, thrill, grief and sorrow as the characters explore the meaning of life and existence. John Green is an intelligent storyteller who knows how to make readers laugh heartily at one moment and cry the next. He has a flair for writing with a teenage sense of humor that appeals to young adults.

What makes the fault in our stars book uniquely intriguing is the intelligent, profound dialogue that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. The main characters are undoubtedly wise beyond years. Both Hazel and Augustus share meaningful thoughts and conversations throughout the book while keeping a lively, teenage voice.

Overall, the fault in our stars is both an enjoyable and heartbreaking story that many people will surely love to read. This book is captivating and entertaining and it allows for educational discussions for young and old people alike.

As always there are many websites that you can download your free copy of the fault in our stars however many only allow you to read the first few chapters. We recommend you buy yourself a full eBook from Amazon as it’s still very cheap. However we have included a Read it for free on PDF format